CONSTRUPLAC AÏLLAMENTS, S.L. is a family company with 20 years of experience. Our field of expertise are thermic, acoustic, fireproof and humidity proof to all kind of buidings. We use insulation materials according to the regulation.

 We work for companies and individuals with quality materials. Our attention is especially focused on good service for commercial premises and abodes.

If you look for experience we have worked for well-knowned brands overcoming any difficulties.

Therefore the materials we use come from the best insulation brands.

Values of
Construplac Aïllaments

Insulating is our speciality and experience is our best tool. Well-done work is what define us, because we look for perfection to offer the best quality product. Furthermore we like to be recognised for our clean work. Also we want to be dedicated exclusively to each project, adapting your budget to the needs of your space, searching for the best material and planning it on detail. Our goal is satisfying the client and being available before and after the job.

We want to take care of the environment, it’s for this reason we would like to promote energy saving. Insulating your place you will be able to save energy and collaborate conserving a healthy environment. If you would like to go further we can suggest you with the newest ecologic materials.

This is how we create the best version of our brand.

Good Reasons

We would like to offer the greatest service from the experience.


We are passionate about work. Hence we want to offer the best part of ourself in each project, for this reason we want to be completely dedicated to every single project to make it unique and exclusive.
It’s specially relevant for us to satisfy our clients for the high quality results of our work.

As a result we count on the trust of big and small companies whom we have worked on repeated occasions.

Pere GeisCEO
Perfeccionist and afficionate to well-done work.
Àlex SerraSEO
Eye for detail and painstaking.